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Mexican Gaming Holiday

Enjoy an incredible Mexican holiday in Huatulco and play games at night! Click here to visit the Casa de la Armonia website to learn more about this fabulous travel destination, and the unique accommodations provided at Casa de la Armonia. The destination is great for a family or a small group of couples with three bedrooms… Read more »

Signature Battlefield Series – The Battlefield of Little Big Horn and the American Old West

Signature Battlefield Series – The Battlefield of Little Big Horn and the American Old West Join Geek Nation Tours for its most horse-ridin’, gun-totin’, whiskey-drinkin’, rootinest, tootinest tour ever. This Epic tour will include heart-pounding adventure as we explore the final days of the American Old West. You will join a band of ruthless adventurers… Read more »

Trek into the Valley of Fire – One Day Adventure 2017

Tuesday August 1st 2017 Geek Nation Tours is back for another journey to the Valley of Fire in 2017…  We have offered our first “Escape the Convention Adventure” for the past few years and it has been a great success! Everyone was so excited to not only  see the Valley of Fire but also the very spot were Jame… Read more »

Geeking Out at Gen Con 50

Geek Nation Tours is headed back to one of the largest and most prestigious gaming conventions in the world. That’s right – we are headed to Gen Con 50! Gen Con has a long history of offering the very best in gaming conventions. Dive into every type of gaming imaginable – roleplaying games, card games,… Read more »

Order of the Phoenix Tour

Whether you’re a Pure-blood, Half-blood, or Muggle-born Geek Nation Tours has a magical tour for all Harry Potter fanatics! Join us as we visit many of the breathtaking UK locations used in the movies including a fantastic steam train journey. You’ll spend time in J.K.Rowlings home city of Edinburgh where she brought those wonderful stories to life…. Read more »

“Essen Spiel and Gaming in Germany” Tour 2017

Hello and thank you for your interest in Geek Nation Tours’ Trip to Germany and Essen Spiel!  The tour is now able to be booked via Pre-Registration.  You can secure a spot and when we have pricing (soon to be released) you can decide to move forward with the booking…. Get ready to roll some… Read more »

Geeking Out with Miniatures in the UK Tour 2017

  Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce our return to the UK in 2017. Every second year Geek Nation Tours takes a journey to the United Kingdom to celebrate miniature gaming. Every miniature wargaming Geek’s dream is to visit one of the birth places of wargaming – Nottingham England. If you are a fan… Read more »

GOT Dragons? Tour

Geek Nation Tours is hard at work planning our Game of Thrones tour. We will be headed to multiple countries on this one and are very excited to start off in Iceland!  More information should be out soon so return to this site often! If you are interested in this tour please email us at… Read more »

Super Hero Sites and the New York Comic Con Tour 2016

Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce we will be returning to this tour in 2017.  If you are interested in hopping aboard please visit this page often as we re-work the tour to make it even more awesome!  Or email us at You heard it here first “True Believers” Geek Nation Tours is… Read more »

Signature Battlefield Series: Feudal Japan and the Battlefields of Sekigahara 2017

Geek Nation Tours is proud to continue our Signature Battlefield tours with our Samurai and the Battlefields of Sekigahara tour – the third in our Japan tour trilogy. On October 21st 1600 Tokugawa Ieyasu lead his forces on to the plains of Sekigahara to an eventual victory that would change the course of Japanese history…. Read more »

Sports Geek: Lucky Strikes Bowling in the USA Tour

Hello Bowling Fans!  We are in the final stages of planning this tour but the PBA has changed the dates on us for the Worlds… We are thus altering our dates.  Please bear with us…. If you are interested however we would love to hear from you… Please email us at Teras I. Cassidy… Read more »

Comiket, Anime, Giant Robots, and Video Game Arcades Tour

Welcome to our December edition of our Japan Tour trilogy… This tour will focus on Tokyo, covering as much geeky goodness as we could handle all in, or around Tokyo. We have been getting requests for Giant Robot and Video Gaming tours, as well as requests for more Anime goodness. Further, we have always wanted… Read more »

Geeking Out at AdeptiCon Tour 2018

Welcome to GNT’s AdeptiCon 2018 tour description!  We are currently revamping this tour and should have it re-released shortly.  However, you can see the below 2017 tour information as the tour in general will be mostly unchanged. With that said, t0ur Pre-Registration is now open and you can secure your spot with no purchase necessary. When… Read more »

Samurai and Anime Tour 2018

Welcome to our March edition of our Japan Tour trilogy… This tour will focus on the huge annual AnimeJapan Convention and all the Cosplay, Anime and Manga awesomeness that one can find within its walls. This tour will be much grander in scope than the usual Otaku Japan tour however, as it will see us… Read more »

A Guide to Sherlock Holmes Tour

The game is on as Geek Nation Tours is pleased to invite you on our Sherlock Holmes tour. Based on the first three seasons of the incredible BBC series Sherlock, this tour will take you to a wide variety of locations in the UK, visiting Wales, Bristol, and of course London, home of the brilliant… Read more »

Signature Battlefield Series 2018 – Gettysburg and the Battlefields of the Civil War Tour

  Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce we will be offering this tour again in 2018.  If you are interested return to this page often or contact us at “In great deeds something abides. On great fields something stays. Forms change and pass; bodies disappear, but spirits linger, to consecrate ground for the… Read more »

Galaxy Far Far Away Tour

Hello and welcome to Geek Nation Tours. This tour is currently being reworked for 2018… Please return often for updates or email us with any questions at: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Actually no, in the near feature, right here on our home world, Geek Nation Tours will be heading… Read more »

Signature Battlefield Series – World War Two: Britain Stands Alone!

Geek Nation Tours is re-scheduling this tour to the summer of 2018.  Please bear with us as we re-organize and re-release this tour… More soon and thank you for all your support! Geek Nation Tours is honoured to present a new series of tours dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives during… Read more »

Touching the Stars Tours 2018

Hello all!  We have rescheduled this tour to the fall of 2018 and are currently working with Rodenberry Adventures to re-secure the dates.  Please bear with us as we update our tour description to fit.  We will also be adding speakers, destinations and adventures over the next few months so be sure to check back often. If… Read more »