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Not wanting to try and figure out how to get hotels, gaming schedules, and food, I opted to go there worry-free. I let GNT take care of the details so I only have to worry about what events I wanted to join. GenCon 50 being the biggest GenCon ever, and also being my first time at any… Read more »

Laurence Tan, Philippines

Sekigahara was a great tour, with a wide variety of activities and options. The food was great and in such quantities, that you would never go hungry. The guides and staff were the best. Their primary concern was whether we were getting what we wanted from the tour and if not they did their best to… Read more »

Feudal Japan and the Battlefields of Sekigahara
John Horton, U.S.A

Geek Nation’s Gen Con tour continues to improve and be a highlight of my year and I look forward to the next one.

Gen Con 2018
Thomas Hodson Cottingham, United Kingdom

When you’re travelling trans-Atlantic for a long weekend of playing your favourite tabletop games, you don’t spend more time than strictly necessary on logistical details or risk not being able to get into the events you want. This is where and Geek Nation Tours comes in, facilitating transport between airport and hotel (and back!), early… Read more »

Adepticon 2014, 2015 & 2017
Jorn Nordli, Norway

Another great tour with Teras. He made everything easy and hassle free. We enjoyed all the activities he planned. Can not wait to see what he has planned for 2018.

Adepticon 2017
Jose Cruzado, United States

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