Any fan of pop culture worth their salt needs to get to San Diego Comic Con at least once in their life. I can think of no better trip than to Geek Mecca and I can think of no better tour than Geek Nation Tours!

Geeking Out at the San Diego Comic Con Tour
Byron, Canada

The miniatures in the UK Tour was definitely been a great tour. Very well organized on your part and everything ran smoothly. The highlight for me has to be our visit at Warhammer World; it was really amazing to see the museum and the huge amount of superb gaming tables – let alone being able to play on them. I also… Read more »

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Juergen, Germany

As a business owner I know the amount of work that goes into planning and putting together a trip like this.  Teras and Geek Nations Tours have done an amazing job in seeing a vision turn into a reality.  I commend Teras and his staff for working so hard to make all the participants feel… Read more »

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Romeo, USA

GNT places a lot of thought and care both into their tours and his guests. If there are any problems he will step up and handle any situation. I found that the guides ability to lead, person ability, and skills to make sure everyone got where they needed to was top notch. I see no reason as… Read more »

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Kiyel, USA

The 200th re-enactment of Waterloo was, obviously, a once in a forever opportunity to enjoy, and it was wonderful, but, that was the polish on an already wonderful trip. The accommodation, trips, guides, social events, battlefield walks, museums had already provided an exceptional visit to Brussels and its Napoleonic wartime environs. The reoccurring themes of… Read more »

Waterloo 200th Anniversary
Mike Cowles, United Kingdom