This was my third year attending Adepticon with GNT and I have continued to be impressed by the quality of service provided by GNT. With GNT, I know I’ll have a hotel room on site, I know I’ll have a spot in the events I want to attend, and I know I’ll get 1-on-1 time… Read more »

Adepticon 2018
Stephan Hillman, USA

This was my first trip with Geek Nation and I only have great things to say. The ability to gurantee your stay in the host hotel, along with being able to sign up a week before everyone else is a huge bonus. Teras insight into the con, along with other attendees helps you participate in… Read more »

Adepticon 2018
JAMES SIDES, United States

Another fantastic tour experience with Geek Nation tours. The tour to Japan was thoughtfully constructed to experience Japan from feudal times to modern. Our tour guides were focused on making the whole trip an excellent experience for everyone – they were knowledgeable, professional, and great fun. The activities were numerous and well organized, accommodations, travel,… Read more »

Samurai and Anime Tour
Kathy Bush, Canada

Awesome tour with awesome people. Give it a shot. You will not be disappointed.

Geeking Out at Adepticon 2018
Patrick Crelly, Canada

Not wanting to try and figure out how to get hotels, gaming schedules, and food, I opted to go there worry-free. I let GNT take care of the details so I only have to worry about what events I wanted to join. GenCon 50 being the biggest GenCon ever, and also being my first time at any… Read more »

Laurence Tan, Philippines