I’ve always avoided organized tours, preferring to travel on my own schedule. Geek Nation has changed my entire perspective. Not only was the entire trip superbly well planned, but every moment was an enjoyable escapade that my wife and I will look back on forever. The Cassidy family are wonderful hosts and tour leaders, the… Read more »

50th anniversary Star Trek convention
Adam Brown, USA

The San Fran part of the 2016 Star Trek Tour was all new to me and very interesting. Lots of new sites and Larry filled in the trivia as we came to the sites. I had been on the very first LA tour and he changed it up a little, not the same old thing…. Read more »

San Fran, LA and Vegas
Rodney Willis, USA

I have many good things to say about Geek Nation Tours and the Cassidy family, but perhaps the best accolade I can give is to say that I already felt that I had enjoyed a full and exciting trip well BEFORE our main event, (The 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas), had even… Read more »

50th Anniversary Exploring Trek Sites: San Fran, L.A. & Vegas With Larry Nemecek
Steve Thomson-Fitch, Scotland

This was my first Gen Con, though it was my 4th GNT and attending a massive show like this can be a bit daunting. GNT really did a great job at making the convention more approachable through a great pre-show Skype session that helped me navigate the event registration process, and by having a steady… Read more »

Gen Con 2016
Andy Rucker, USA

This was my first Gen Con and my first tour with Geek Nation Tours. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everything was handled for us ahead of time (getting tickets, badges, etc) which made it a lot less stressful and allowed us to enjoy things even more. Teras was always available to make… Read more »

Gen Con 2016
Cindy Harms, United States