When you’re travelling trans-Atlantic for a long weekend of playing your favourite tabletop games, you don’t spend more time than strictly necessary on logistical details or risk not being able to get into the events you want. This is where and Geek Nation Tours comes in, facilitating transport between airport and hotel (and back!), early… Read more »

Adepticon 2014, 2015 & 2017
Jorn Nordli, Norway

Another great tour with Teras. He made everything easy and hassle free. We enjoyed all the activities he planned. Can not wait to see what he has planned for 2018.

Adepticon 2017
Jose Cruzado, United States

I’ve been on a number of GNT trips, and have enjoyed every one of them. Most of the trips have been for AdeptiCon in Chicago, 2012-2017. Every time, Teras has wrangled up some of the best hobby talent to join us for dinners/excursions/etc, in addition to getting tour participants early registration, awesome swag (my GNT… Read more »

Terence Quinn, United States

I’ve always avoided organized tours, preferring to travel on my own schedule. Geek Nation has changed my entire perspective. Not only was the entire trip superbly well planned, but every moment was an enjoyable escapade that my wife and I will look back on forever. The Cassidy family are wonderful hosts and tour leaders, the… Read more »

50th anniversary Star Trek convention
Adam Brown, USA

The San Fran part of the 2016 Star Trek Tour was all new to me and very interesting. Lots of new sites and Larry filled in the trivia as we came to the sites. I had been on the very first LA tour and he changed it up a little, not the same old thing…. Read more »

San Fran, LA and Vegas
Rodney Willis, USA