This was my 8th gaming Con, my 2nd with GNT, and hands down the best of the lot. Once again Teras and his team knocked it out of the park. Awesome events, great guests, good food. There is no better way to experience Gen Con.

Gen Con 2016
Phil “The Pole Guy” McPeake, UK

Teras met us at the curb when we pulled up to the hotel and waved at us when we left. The entire time we were there was spent gaming, smiling and thoroughly havng a laid back great time. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other GNT guests and the GNT experience was great!… Read more »

Adoption 2016
Mike “FrostBeard” Bird, USA

This was my 3rd Adepticon, but GNT made it my best Adepticon yet. The early registration and automatic VIG bags alone made it worth it. But the special guests we had each night and the fast friends I made were the best parts of the trip. I highly recommend anyone looking for the premiere Adepticon… Read more »

Adepticon 2016
Ashley Eaton, USA

Once again, Teras put together a great tour. Everything from the swag bag to the dinners and classes/competition was great.

Adepticon 2016
Jose Cruzado, USA

Best convention experience ever! From the moment I touched down in Chicago, to the last game I played, I felt like I was royalty. The detail that was poured into the experience was astounding. Thank you Teras for a great convention.

Adepticon 2016 Tour
Forrest Oates, USA