Geek Tours

Frostgrave Immersion 101 2020

THIS TOUR IS NOW CONFIRMED AND A GARANTEED DEPARTURE!  WE ALSO ONLY NOW HAVE LIMITED SPACE. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING US PLEASE BOOK ASAP… Journey with us to the frozen city of Felstad, or as it is more commonly known, FROSTGRAVE. Well, the city that inspired the game anyway – Tallinn, Estonia. Geek… Read more »

Geeking Out at AdeptiCon Tour 2020

Please note that GNT now has very limited Single Occupancy rooms and the Double Occupancy space will be booking up even faster when those are filled. Please book asap if you would like to join us… Teras Geek Nation Tours is very excited to present our tour to the world’s largest tabletop wargaming tournament and… Read more »

Signature Battlefield Series: Arenas of Blood Spartacus and the Gladiators of Ancient Rome 2020

What we do in life…echoes through eternity.  The Gladiators of ancient Rome lived their lives in chains and fought and died for the entertainment of the masses. These ultimate warriors paid in full with their blood, but their stories have become legendary. Strap on your sandals and join Geek Nation Tours as we tour Italy… Read more »

GOT Dragons? Tour 2020

Hello all GOT Geeks!  This tour is now going to be moved to 2020… Please bear with us as we alter the tour dates… Hope you hop aboard! Teras Winter is here! With the final season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, Geek Nation Tours invites you to join us on an epic… Read more »

Geeking Out at Gen Con 2020

Hello all boardgame, RPG, LARP (and others) geeks!  Geek Nation Tours is currently working on our tour to Gen Con 2020.  We have several plans in mind and should have them worked out just before Christmas this year. In the meantime, we have opened the tour for preregistration and if you want to secure a… Read more »

Comiket, Anime, Giant Robots, and Video Game Arcades Tour 2020

Welcome to our December edition of our Japan Tour trilogy… This tour will focus on Tokyo, covering as much geeky goodness as we could handle all in, or around Tokyo. We have been getting requests for Giant Robot and Video Gaming tours, as well as requests for more Anime goodness. Further, we have always wanted… Read more »

Signature Battlefield Series – The Battlefield of Little Big Horn and the American Old West 2021

Signature Battlefield Series – The Battlefield of Little Big Horn and the American Old West 2021 Join Geek Nation Tours for its most horse-ridin’, gun-totin’, whiskey-drinkin’, rootinest, tootinest tour ever. This Epic tour will include heart-pounding adventure as we explore the final days of the American Old West. You will join a band of ruthless… Read more »