Geek Kids

Geek Nation Tours is proud to unveil its newest line-up of tours. Geek Nation KIDZ Tours will focus on providing families with “smart” and unique vacations that are designed to bring them closer together while they explore interesting locations and events.

GNKidzT will allow geeks to get in touch with their inner child, and “geek out” with their families in an exciting and fun filled way. Each family must include at least one adult – after all our goal is to bring families together! Geek Nation KIDZ Tours is all about teaching kids that it is awesome to be smart and to “love what you love”, countering the peer pressure children often face. We will encourage geeky kids to value hard work, to be creative and to overcome adversity. The world will be our playground and we will visit destinations ranging from Japan to Greece.

As Geek Nation Kidz is inspired by wanting to play it forward, we have also decided to pay it forward. The Geek Nation Kidz Tours branch of our company is designed to be non-profit. Pricing on the tours will include a small donation to charity built right in, and a portion of the tour proceeds will go to an appropriately geeky charity.

Geek Nation KIDZ Tours stellar inaugural offering will launch us into space. We will visit both the Johnson Space Center and the Kennedy Space Center, with the option of experiencing a Space Camp on either end of the tour. So if you know of a smart geeky child that wants to experience the dream of Space Exploration, we have the tour for you…

Our first non-profit tour will be dedicated to Dr. Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation. ShareSpace is dedicated to showing children not only the beauty of science, but how it helps better all of humanity. For more information about ShareSpace please visit their website – but here are a few words about their mission:

Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation (SSF) addresses science literacy by igniting children’s passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through delivering hands-on activities, inspirational messages, educational visits and Innovation Kits. ShareSpace provides children the opportunity to experience pivotal moments of discovery.

ShareSpace inspires children to have a lifelong, life-changing love of STEM, coupled with artistry (STEAM), at an early impressionable age. One way we do this is by putting unique Buzz Aldrin Innovation Kits in the hands of young people. By exploring and building these kits, children have the opportunity to innovate, discover, experiment and create; taking their curiosity and transforming it into a keen interest and potentially lifelong engagement in innovation.

The National Research Council states that early exposure to STEM supports children’s overall academic growth, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills, and enhances later interest in STEM study and careers. Even more so, by integrating Art and Design into STEM education, children will be even more equipped and inspired to become innovators of the 21st century.