Music Geek

Geek Nation Tours has been dreaming for some time about heading off to explore the history of Rock, Blues and Jazz… But why limit ourselves? Why not the Opera Houses of Europe? Or the twang of a banjo and jig of a fiddle? GNT is currently hard at work creating tours that will dive into not only the history of music but also the modern music scene as well.

GNT will visit Nashville and Graceland this year looking to create a musical experience for you that will explore the musical history of the area. On our short list is a visit to Sun Studio, the Gibson Guitar Factory, the Rock and Soul Museum, Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and of course – the Grand Ole Opry. We might even fit another studio visit in there at the RCA Studio B… And of course, we will have to pay our respects at BB King’s Blues Club.

We also looking into those Europe Opera Houses for those that have a more refined taste. Currently our plans are to discover the Opera Houses of what was once East Germany like those found in Berlin, Dresden, and Leipzig.

As for the Modern Music scene – in the running are some big festivals like South By Southwest, Coachella and the Burning Man but we are also looking further abroad like the EDM “Ultra” festival in Korea… We just won’t drop you off at a festival however, as before we even get to enjoy the bands we will head off to look for music related things to do, add crazy adventures throughout and party well into the night.