Daniel and Michelle Poitras

We were lucky enough to win our trip via a contest on free comic book day at our local comic book store. This was our first time in NYC and it was amazing! This was also our first time doing a trip/tour like this. Teras (and family) did an outstanding job organizing this tour. All of our fellow guests were amazing and so nice and it’s cool to have made new friends from around the world. The hotel was really nice and in the perfect location. Transportation was arranged with car transfers to and from the airport as well as getting subway passes for the week. It was great to walk around and explore the city with the tour and on your own to see all the wonderful sights that New York has to offer. We also survived New York Comic con, the biggest con in North America! It was so amazing to see all the cool stuff and the celebrities in person and on panels. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip!