Jeff & Ginny Eiseman

This trip almost never got started for my wife and I. Trepidation was a serious obstacle for us. New situations, unfamiliar places, and being with people we do not know is not easy for us. I shared this with Teras and he convincingly assured me that he had us taken care of, we had nothing to worry about—and he was right. Traveling Germany and “spielen” Essen 2015 GNT-style was a magical trip.

Every day was an adventure and every day was a joy. Zak was a great guide–many times we forgot he was not just part of the group. The thoughtful way that the trip was arranged plus the total awesomeness of our new found friends, and the overall awesomeness of the German country and people made this one of our all-time favorite trips. We had an unforgettable experience.