Terence Quinn

I’ve been on a number of GNT trips, and have enjoyed every one of them.

Most of the trips have been for AdeptiCon in Chicago, 2012-2017. Every time, Teras has wrangled up some of the best hobby talent to join us for dinners/excursions/etc, in addition to getting tour participants early registration, awesome swag (my GNT bowling shirts are the envy of many a fellow geek at work ;P ), and generally just ensuring we had a blast.

I’ve also gone on the last Miniatures in the UK Tour, which included a distillery tour through Scotland. Fan-freaking-tastic. Lots of sampling, gorgeous castles/monuments, and at the end – Warhammer World and all the pretty-pretty shinies on display ^_^

Oh, and not to forget – every trip has resulted in me making more friends that I’m actually still in touch with, and a host of new memories.