GNT at AdeptiCon was an absolute blast.  The group made it much easier for me as I was traveling from the UK alone and literally knew nobody there, by the end of tour I’d found a dozen new friends.  GNT made sure that there was always something to do, people to talk to and Teras… Read more »

Geeking Out at AdeptiCon Tour
Rob, United Kingdom

I will cheriash my memories of The Waterloo Tour which was easily the best planned , best organised tour I have ever seen. Our battlefield guide Barry was tremendous with unlimited knowledge . I saw places like Ligny , Quatre- Bra , Mont St. Jean, Hougomont , Waterloo that I had dreamed about since my school… Read more »

Waterloo Battlefield Tour
Norm Landers, Australia

The Waterloo Battlefield Tour was a wonderful first hand account of my favorite battle. Having the opportunity to see the ground was monumental. Barry’ Hilton’s narative was top notch and timely. One truly impressive site was the smoke from musket and cannon covering the entire space, something we don’t do well in wargaming. Well done,… Read more »

Waterloo Battlefield Tour
Gary Williams, USA

The Waterloo Tour was a wonderful introduction to european travel for us. Being shepherded past museum queues and having VIP access at the re-enactment made the experience painless and so very enjoyable. Walking the battlefields was exciting enough, but having an experienced field guide in the person of Barry Hilton added so much to what… Read more »

Waterloo Battlefield Tour
Rand Boyd, USA

The Geek Nation Waterloo Tour was an absolutely brilliant experience.  Every aspect of the tour was huge fun, and professionally conducted. Accommodation was top notch and the ‘Guest Tour Guides’ really were experts in their fields. For me it was a childhood dream realised.  And that is essence what this Geek Nation tour for me… Read more »

Waterloo Battlefield Tour
Scott Driscoll, Australia