Loving a thing and shouting about it at the top of your lungs (hopefully while wearing a cape and looking down from a tall building). Loving that geeky thing you like most and celebrating it with people from all around the world at a cool destination or convention. Feeling welcome and hanging with people that love the same thing. Where all insider jokes are understood and your strange conversations don’t seem nearly so strange after all. We help you celebrate what you love and we are very proud of that.

Geek Nation Tours creates Geeky adventures and experiences. We craft vacations which bring like-minded people together to experience special events and destinations covering a multitude of Geek genres. We take you to the places you dreamed of as a child and help you experience the things that you love now. We give you the vehicle to increase and enhance your love for whatever Geeky thing interests you.

It is our pleasure to see Geeks get together and make instant bonds and lasting friendships on our tours. No matter what Geeky thing we are celebrating – participants quickly fall into spontaneous conversations because they share a common vocabulary and mutual love of that thing. Participants find themselves immersed in the culture they love, surrounded by people with like passions, in a community that embraces them.

We create mini-communities in all the places we voyage to so you can feel at home while exploring the world and experiencing all that it has to offer. While a Geek Nation Tour is often anchored around a geeky event or experience, the goal of GNT is to make the event even more grand, to expand the depth and broaden the scope of the experience. As a result, while you’ll experience the event you always wanted to attend, the first thing you’ll remember about the trip are the great people you traveled with. We help you create stories about the things you love…