Parallel Universe

Have a partner that is asking, “What is in it for me”? Do they want to travel with you but would prefer to have spa treatments and go shopping? Are they interested in the destination but don’t want to be seen in public with you in your Geek glory? Maybe they are friends with a fellow geek’s partner and they want to get away without you…Or maybe they are interested in sports and would like to take in a football, baseball or hockey game while you geek out…

Is the family shouting out for a holiday either in tandem with your Geek Nation Tour or at an earlier/later date? Do you need to barter your geek holiday with a family holiday in exchange?

Or maybe you just want to extend the tour? Do you have extra time to spend at the destination?

Geek Nation Tours can arrange all sorts of travel in addition to its regular tours. From extending your tour, to adding spa or family packages, Geek Nation Tours can make it happen. Besides, we all know if your heart is yearning for a Geek Nation Tour you are more likely to get the thumbs up when your partner is happy, too.

A couple that plays together stays together…..

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