Nothing like a history lesson where you're standing, eating, meditating, or cosplaying in the exact places where some of the most monumental moments of the Genpei War took place. What an incredible opportunity to learn about this piece of Japanese history, while along the way, also picking up pieces of Japanese culture. I've been home from this trip for over two weeks now and I still can't shut up about it. Can't give a big enough "thank you" to Teras and our local guide, Eriko, for such a memorable experience

Classic Samurai
Sovannahry, United States

Once again Teras outdid himself. The tour package was great. It was amazing. The dinners were great, the Stargrave event and bowling/arcade were fun and exciting. Teras tours are hassle free. He is always around to help you out. Teras goes above and beyond. He is great, his tours are great. I cannot say enough about him.

Adepticon 2024
Jose, United States

We found out about GNT through a couple of podcasts and after looking at the itinerary for Adepticon we were really keen to go. Three years later we finally make it and it was worth every penny. Everything about the tour was awesome and it ran so smoothly from start to finish. We were treated amazingly well and got some awesome loot. With GNT, you get to book in to all the games, seminars and events before the public so you'll get to do exactly what you want. You are also guaranteed a spot in the hotel which I heard sold out in minutes this year! Teras is a fantastic guy and really looked after us and made the whole event very special. Thank you so much for the best geeky time we have ever had and we would love to do it all again sometime!

Adepticon 2024
Michelle, UK

As always Teras put on a fantastic tour. I can’t wait until next year’s Adepticon tour and am looking forwards to trying his other tours.

Adepticon 2024
Stephan, United States

Awesome. I'm disabled and Teras was very solicitous for me. Above and beyond. I am emboldened to try Nottingham next year.

AdeptiCon 2024
Kevin K, United States

I cannot recommend Geek Nation Tours enough. Teras made it easy to become a gamer again!

GNT takes the effort out of everything- and having a ‘crew’ to reconnect with at the end of the day is great.

I cannot think of doing AdeptiCon without GNT.

Thank you Teras!

AdeptiCon 2018, 2019, 2021,2022
Jeff B, United States

I had a wonderful time with Teras and the other members of the 'GNT house'. Gen Con plus good games with cold beer (on a hot day) and a really good bunch of fellas, made this an experience I will endeavor to again. Thank you

Gen Con 2023
Ben, Australia

I've been out with Teras on tour four times now, and I won't hesitate for five (or a few) more.

Geek Nation Tours will make your trip so much more than just attending an event or going from point to point. Teras knows people and places that will make the experience that much better, moreso because he himself is into the subjects of the tours. He'll help with information so you can find your feet, he'll organise events, keep them from falling off the rails and still leave things open enough to let you experience things your way.

Trust Teras. He'll make it fun, flexible and hassle free, and foster some camaraderie.

Gen Con 2014, 2016, 2018, 2023
Robert, Australia

Geeks Rejoice!

This is a tour company with a difference.

Teras is a true fellow geek and his tours are crafted and moulded to bring the upmost joy to his customers.

I have travelled with Geek Nation Tours four times and can earnestly say I have made true, life-long friends from all over the world through the times shared. I am a board game geek at heart, and I have met so many board game celebs in my times on tour with GNT that I can barely believe it. I've bowled with the boys from D6 Generation and dined with the Dice Tower crew. On the most recent tour, I played Call of Cthulhu with, dined with, gamed with and co-habited with the indomitable author of Black LIbrary and Lovecraftian fiction - Graham McNeil.

In 2014 I travelled across the Pacific for what I thought would be a once in a lifetime experience at Gen Con. I am pleased to say that the enjoyment of that experience was so massive that I just keep coming back. This is in large part due to the amazing food, accommodation (In every meaning of the word) and activities planned and executed by Teras "Head Geek" Cassidy and Geek Nation Tours.


Gen Con 2014, 2016, 2018, 2023
Mark, Australia

This was certainly a once in a lifetime experience and Teras did an amazing job coordinating the entire thing!

Not only was Teras an amazing guide but the amount of care that he had for each of us on the tour was out of this world. He made sure we were all aware of what was going on each day and checked in with us frequently to make sure we had everything we needed.

The tour was filled with several events and tours that I wouldn't have found if I had attempted to plan it myself. Then just when you think it might be getting to be a bit much Teras has "free time" built in at the exact right moment so you can recharge or go experience something on your own. Teras also capped the group at the perfect size so we all got to interact with each other.

I wish GNT could plan all my travel!

Miniatures in Nottingham 2023
Matthew, United States

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