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If you are interested in one of our upcoming tours, please complete and submit the form below and one of our travel agents will be in contact with you. Fields with a * are required. Geek Nation Tours accepts credit cards, checks, money orders and Paypal payments on all deposits. Note: Paypal has a 6% service fee on payments.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Tour Rules / Fine Print located at the bottom of this page. By registering for a tour, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The Fine Print – Tour Rules

Double Occupancy: Geek Nation Tours are always priced per person based on double occupancy—that is, two people sharing one room. We can, of course, make other arrangements based on need.  Single and triple occupancy, for instance, can be arranged. Single occupancy requires a supplement and thus may incur a price increase.

Medical and other Insurances: Geek Nation Tours does not supply or sell medical insurance. However, it is highly recommended that you have some for all the tours we offer. This goes double for all tours going to United States. Medical bills can be a huge burden on anyone not insured properly. Please consider getting medical insurance. Geek Nation Tours will never be responsible for medical bills incurred by participants on one of our tours.

Visas and Customs: Geek Nation Tours does not check for any or provide Visa Requirements that its participants may need. It is the participant’s responsibility to check with the relevant destination embassy(ies) when wanting to travel with Geek Nation Tours. Visa requirements change and personal information may alter the need for a Visa to any particular country. UK and other international residents may need a visa or visa exception card if traveling to the United States. Please look at: Tour participants from other countries my need visas or further documentation for entry to the USA and all other countries. Please research this prior to coming and prepare all documents prior to arrival in the US and any other destinations worldwide.

Alcohol Consumption: Adults will be responsible for their own alcohol consumption. We expect you to act kindly and caringly throughout our tours. Please remember that you are a guest and that you are responsible for your actions and how people see us as a group. Unruly behavior also may lead to us all being affected and thus we demand good behavior on all tours. Intoxication mixed with bad behavior may lead to you being asked to leave the tour.

Physical Activity: Some Geek Nation Tours require some physical activity. We often hike and walk all day. Please note that the level of exercise in each tour is detailed in the tour description. Please read these tour descriptions carefully and if you have any doubts on the day of the excursion please contact GNT. You will be able to decline the activity if you like. It is up to each client to understand and thus agree to each day’s excursions. You must monitor your health and judge your own capacities.

Tour Company Cancellation: Geek Nation Tours reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control. Geek Nation Tours will try to re-book the same or similar tour whenever possible.

All tours have a minimum participant level needed to confirm a specific tour.  With this said, Geek Nation Tours often goes ahead with the tour regardless of this minimum participant level. If this is the case, booked participants will be given the option to still participate in the tour at a slightly increased cost.  Also in this case some services will need to be cancelled. If Geek Nation Tours cancels a tour for these reasons, all funds will be returned to the participant.

Geek Nation Tours is not responsible for any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations.

Participant Cancellations: Please note that all tours are booked with several different sources so individual participant cancellation can often mean that Geek Nation Tours is not able to refund any monies. This can be true of final payments as well as deposits. We will, however, try our very best to refund when suppliers allow this. Generally, if notice of cancellation is received by Geek Nation Tours 45 days or more prior to departure, only the non-refundable deposit will be retained. As a general rule only the following charges will apply when notice of cancellation is given after the booking is confirmed (with that said we can only confirm a refund when all suppliers of a particular tour refund Geek Nation Tours. Each tour is different and thus no refunds can be guaranteed at any time).  Further, once a tour is “closed for booking” or “sold out”, no refunds can be offered as suppliers are paid in full at that time:

No. of days prior to tour departure Cancellation fee as a % of the total price
Prior to the below restrictions  Non-refundable deposit(s)
Tour “Closed for booking” or “Sold Out” 100%
Three months prior to departure  100%
Day of departure / no show 100%

* All refunds will have a 6% credit card charge applied to them. 

Cancellations due to “Acts of God”: There are times that Geek Nation Tours may have to cancel a tour due to factors beyond our control. Natural disasters and outbreaks of disease fall into these types of instances. If a tour is planned to be taking place in such times of crisis we will monitor closely any World Health Organization (WHO) restrictions on travel to said locations as well as the Government of Canada, Public Health Canada, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the effected Government’s similar agencies. Cancellation and refunds due to these factors would follow the above restrictions.  GNT would try its best to recover funds from our suppliers and would refund appropriately. GNT would also attempt to reschedule the tour to a later date. Note however, third party travel cancellation insurance is recommended for all tour participants as there is little likelihood of full refund.

Purchasing Airfare: All airfare should be purchased after GNT has confirmed and guaranteed any specific tour. If you are booked on a GNT tour, please contact GNT prior to purchasing any airfare to double check that the tour is moving forward.

Bus Departure Times: Respect for your fellow Geeks is very important. As a result, we require all passengers to be ready to leave at the designated departure times. Geek Nation Tours will not be responsible for any extra expense accrued if a passenger has missed the bus and must travel independently.

Clients may be responsible for some additional transportation costs in destination.

Event Cancellation or Date Change: Geek Nation Tours cannot be held responsible for an event cancellation or event date change. If this occurs, Geek Nation Tours will attempt to re-book to accommodate the new dates or cancel the tour. Often, however, Geek Nation Tours will continue with the tour and tour participants will explore another venue or aspect of that tour’s focus. Some additional charges may be incurred because of the change or cancellation.

Tour Detail Change: Geek Nation Tours reserves the right to change details on all tours. This is less likely to happen after a tour is in the “Now Booking” stage, but may happen at any time prior to the departure of a tour or even during a tour itself. A change in an itinerary normally will be accompanied by a change in price and thus additional fees may be incurred. A tour will not be canceled for such reasons.

Further, Geek Nation Tours cannot be held responsible for changes or cancellations in any “Special Guest” line-up.  From time to time, Special Guests have personal reasons why they cannot attend a tour. Geek Nation Tours cannot be held liable for any such cancellation. With that said a tour will also not be cancelled for similar reasons.

Lastly, Geek Nation Tours cannot be held responsible for a change, cancellation or disruption of an event, festival, convention, museum or other planned venue we wished to visit on a particular tour. In such a case we will attempt to expand our exploration of the areas in question and continue with the rest of the tour as planned. We will not cancel a tour for these or similar reasons.

Event Tickets No Longer Available: Some tours involve event tickets that are quickly sold out. Geek Nation Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour that it can no longer provide for this reason. For those already booked, Geek Nation Tours will provide alternate options. Often it is the responsibility of the tour participant to secure tickets to a visited event. When this is the case it will be clearly stated in the tour description. Geek Nation Tours cannot be held responsible for sold-out events and ticket availability. In this case tour refunds are possible.

Form of Payment: Geek Nation Tours accepts credit card, cheque, money order and Paypal payments on all deposits. Although normally credit card charges are included in the price of the tour, Geek Nation Tours reserves the right to apply charges if needed. Paypal final payments will almost always have a 6% charge placed on them.

Note additionally, your credit card company may charge a foreign transaction fee for all credit card payments made to Geek Nation Tour as we are located in Canada.

Change in Pricing: Geek Nation Tours reserves the right to alter tour pricing at any time. Changes in the value of a particular currency and international tax changes may force Geek Nation Tours to alter tour pricing. Tour details may be changed also to accommodate new information or changes made to a destination. These changes may in turn require a tour price adjustment and may happen at any time including while in destination. These instances are very rare.

Fuel Surcharges: Airlines often implement fuel surcharges unexpectedly. If an airline does this on a flight included in a Geek Nation Tour,  Geek Nation Tours reserves the right to pass that fee to its tour participants.

Contact Information:
Geek Nation Tours
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Phone: 780-865-3343
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