Tour Status:
New York City
Departure Date:
September 29, 2026 (Tuesday)
Return Date:
October 5, 2026 (Monday)
Tour Length:
7 Days
Departs From:
Tour Limit:
Tour Price: $2,899.00 USD

See full price details.

Special Notice:

Spread the word with Facebook or Twitter (via the handy link provided to the right) and help gather more fans to make the tour a reality!

About this TourStarter Tour

WE HAVE YET TO BUILD THIS TOUR! We are itching to get to it however, and thus have it listed as a Tourstarter project (see the Special Notice notes above and the “I’m Interested” notes to the right)… The dates have not been settled on nor have tour details been arranged. With that said, this tour is focused on the New York Comic Con and thus will centre around those dates. The details of most days could remain the same as below, but of course even these are open for adjustment if the Tourstarter crowd has a different vision.

Here are some sample questions for all you possible TourStarter participants.

A) Are there any destinations in NYC that you feel should be included in the tour?  Are there any particularly Superhero or comicbook places of interest that would fit the theme?

B) Should we invite an artist or writer to a dinner or two?  If so who should we tempt?

C) Should we include an art class or perhaps a visit to a gallery or two?

D) Should we visit a cosplay store or two like New York Costumes or Abracadabra?

E) Or maybe we should include more clubbing or bar hopping in Hell’s Kitchen?

YOU decide….

You heard it here first, “True Believers”! Geek Nation Tours is headed back to the Big Apple and the New York Comic Con!  We are very excited indeed to announce this tour.  It will be full of all things NYC and of comics, sci-fi and super heroes.  The New York Comic Con offers loads of coolness for Geeks of any genre.  See movie stars, meet your favorite comic book artists, and see new releases before anyone else.  The con offers more than that however… You will take part in extraordinary panels, meet special guests of all sorts, play games and hang out with fellow geeks.  Visit the vendor hall and you will be sure to walk away with free swag and tones of other loot.  And of course dress up and do some cosplay or just have your camera ready…The con is a marvel to behold and there will be something for everyone – so swing aboard the tour.

Oh and Geek Nation Tours has passes for all four days included right in the cost of the tour!

Geek Nation Tours will be arriving early to explore the world famous New York City! We will venture out by foot, taking the subway and hanging out where the New Yorkers do.  We will head off to all the tourist sights of course – to see the Statue of Liberty, stroll Central Park and take in the view at the “Top of the Rock” Observatory, but our tour will have a definite Comic Book twist.  We will stop by the fictional address of the Baxter Building (home to the Fantastic Four), hang out in Hell’s Kitchen and even see the Avengers Mansion.  And that is not all – we will see non-fiction and movie related places too.  For instance, we will pass by the offices of Marvel and DC (now closed) and take a look at the Daily Bugle seen in the Spider-Man Movies, and even pay our respects to Uncle Ben at the site of his death…

By the way we will also hang out in the evenings—but try not to get into any trouble.  We would hate to lose you to a Gotham based Bat….

TourStarter Itinerary

Day 1 - New York (Tuesday, Sep. 29, 2026) / Welcome Day

Today we will arrive from all around the world to New York City. You will be given detailed instructions on how to meet up with the rest of the tour participants at our hotel (note that you’ll always be in constant contact with our representative). From there you will have a free day to explore all that New York has to offer. You might want to visit the Empire State Building (perhaps you will meet up with King Kong), stroll down Park or Madison Avenue or just sit in a café or pub and enjoy the awesomeness that is New York City.

You will want to return to the hotel in the evening however, as Geek Nation Tours will host our Welcome Dinner.  It will be a great opportunity to meet your fellow tour participants and discuss what we are doing in the coming days. Besides, everyone wants to hang out at a diner when in New York, and we will be eating at the classic Skylight Diner!

After dinner we may head off to a Broadway show or just walk the cool streets and find something fun to do.  New York is like that…. Loads to see and do. Many of us will head off to Rockefeller Center to see the New York skyline.   Following this you are welcome to return to the hotel for a well-deserved rest but we suspect many of us might be off for a beverage or two.

We will be staying at the beautiful and centrally located New York Marriott Marquis

Overnight Location: New York

Day 2 - New York (Wednesday, Sep. 30, 2026) / NYC Through a Comicbook Geek’s Eyes

Today we will see New York as the New Yorkers see it – from the streets.  You will be guided on foot and on subway to most of the major tourist locations and your local guide will fill you full of New York history and lore.  We will see the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central Station (where many comic book battles take place) and Times Square. Not only that – we will make time to eat our way through the city.  We will stop for only the best hot dogs, pizza and cannoli – New York classics.

But remember, you are on a Geek Nation Tours tour, so we will see New York through a comic book geek’s eyes too.  So mixed in with some New York history will be some cool facts about superheroes too…We will see The Frick Museum (the inspiration for the Avengers Mansion) and Flat Iron building (the Daily Bugle in the Spiderman movies), The New York Public Library (where Uncle Ben dies), stand at the fictional location of the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, even see the offices of Marvel and wander Hell’s Kitchen (will we catch a glimpse of Daredevil?).

Tonight we will end our explorations in Hell’s Kitchen with yet another meal.  We will have only the best pizza NYC can offer from the Don Antonio Pizzeria. We have a great night lined up for you as Geek Nation Tours is working on inviting some special guests this evening.  You will be entertained!

Overnight Location: New York

Day 3 - New York (Thursday, Oct. 1, 2026) / First Day at the New York Comic Con plus Jay and Silent Bob and Metropolis Comics

Today we will do some pre-Comic Con shopping.  For those interested in Golden and Silver age comics Geek Nation Tours will arrange private visits the Metropolis Collectibles gallery.  Are you a serious collector?  Do you want to purchase only the best collectibles possible? At Metropolis Collectibles you will be treated to the possibility of purchasing only the finest of comics and movie posters in the world. Keep in mind, Geek Nation Tours has promised that we will be on our very best behavior and we will have very specific rules for this visit.

Alternatively if your tastes are more eclectic we will be headed off to a few of the coolest Geek stores in area.  First we will be off to New Jersey to visit the world famous Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash Comic Store!  Yes – the very same store featured in Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men.  After our visit and a lunch (at The Downtown) we will head straight back to New York and the first day of the New York Comic Con!  We will be dropped off right in front of the Javits Convention Center – home of the convention itself – pull out our 4-Day Passes and jump right into one of the best conventions in the world.

After our explorations you are on your own to discover New York nightlife or join up with the group for something to eat and drink.  Geek Nation Tours is currently exploring dining options for tonight and will let you know very soon what we have planned for the evening…

Overnight Location: New York

Day 4 - New York (Friday, Oct. 2, 2026) / New York Comic Con Day 2 and Central Park

Three more days of geeky comic bliss!  Today will be able to yet again use your 4-Day Pass to gain admission and explore the Mighty New York Comic Con. You are on your own to experience the comic convention and to set your own schedule. However there will be a Geek Nation Tours representative available to deal with any questions or concerns you may have. They will even lead you through the NYC streets, get you to the convention and join in the fun! Lost? Don’t worry – you can always find his exact location by texting our rep if things get a bit crazy.

Tonight will also be yours to head off on the town and to explore New York on your own.  Perhaps you will want to go to a show on Broadway or sneak off to a club.  The night will be yours to explore!  Prior to dinner however, many of us will be off to stroll in Central Park.. Who knows you might even see a few more famous movie spots…

And speaking of dinner... Geek Nation Tours will offer up yet another optional dinner for you to join in on. But what should it be?  You will be able to make suggestions as a tourstarter planner... New York after all has anything you could ever wish for and your culinary desires are sure to be met!

Overnight Location: New York

Day 5 - New York (Saturday, Oct. 3, 2026) / New York Comic Con Day 3, Times Square and Broadway

The day is yours to spend, but Saturday is one of the busiest at the convention so is a good day to stroll and take pictures of cosplayers... Alternatively, hang out in one of the most amazing cities in the world. It is yours to do as you will...

Saturday night we will return to the Times Square area to explore and to break into smaller groups for dinner.  We will regroup after dinner and perhaps go to a show on Broadway after our guide shows you how to buy a discounted ticket or two.  For those that would like to go clubbing we will have to find something cool - but perhaps where Daredevil patrols so he can guard over us.

Of course GNT will be arranging yet another meal for us ... Sushi? Italian? Korean or Mongolian? Hmmm so much to choose from...


Overnight Location: New York

Day 6 - New York (Sunday, Oct. 4, 2026) / New York Comic Con Day 4 and a Italian Family Style Farewell Dinner

Today is your last day to take in the glory that is the New York Comic Con! Spend those greenbacks carefully however, as you might find the odd deal within the vendor's hall or in artists alley... Or get your last selfies with cosplayers... The day is yours... But tonight we will all meet for one final dinner and our GNT Farewell Dinner at Carmine’s!  We simply must go for Italian Food when we are in New York, and we have to experience a Family Style menu.  Huge plates will be stacked on the table and we will help ourselves to what we like (make sure to pass the pasta)! Not only that, this will be a party to remember as we will have unlimited soft drinks, draft beer, and red and white wine.  The Geek Nation will send you off in style! Don’t worry, we will let you out on the streets of NYC one more time….

Overnight Location: New York

Day 7 - New York (Monday, Oct. 5, 2026) / Departure Day but see you soon...

All good things must come to an end.  Fortunately you will have loads of great memories (and most likely loot will occupy a large spot in your suitcase).

Geek Nation Tours will arrange transfers to the airport as you start your journey home…

Tour Notes

NOTE: Attendance of special guests and celebrities is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts and professional obligations.

NOTE: COVID-19 has changed both our geek and our real worlds. Some things may never be the same and others may not be able to be offered on our tours or will have to be altered in a new post Covid world. With that said, please understand that GNT is moving forward as if the disease is already conquered, but all tours are now subject to change.

What's Included

All accommodations, all transfers, entry fee to the New York Comic Con, Top of the Rock viewing area, New York by foot tour, all taxes, Metro pass, “Welcome Dinner”, Hell’s Kitchen Dinner, Lunch at The Downtown, Farewell Dinner, free hotel Wi-Fi, exclusive Geek Nation Tours/New York Comic Con bowling shirt.

What's Not Included

Airfare to and from New York City, some small subway costs, and some meals.

Estimated TourStarter Price

Tour Price:
$2,899.00 USD + $430.41 Taxes & Fees
Single-Occupancy Upgrade: $1,300.00 USD
$500.00 USD

Don’t have a friend to get the double occupancy rate? That is what Geek Nation Tours does. Book as double occupancy and we will match you up with a roommate… This way you get the best of both worlds – someone to BS about the con with – and more cash to spend! OR Sharing a room?  We can bring the price down if you want to share a room with several of your friends or if you are bringing your family let us know and we can give your family/group rates.

TourStarter Note:

Please Note that the above pricing is just an estimate and the final price will be determined upon settling our itinerary and coming to a collaborative decision on all details. It is our 2018 pricing so please expect an increase in pricing due to worldwide inflation and the post-Covid world. 

Additional Options

Our tour is a great opportunity to turn a geeky trip into a greater exploration of the New York area. Interested in staying longer? Interest in other areas of the American Coastline? Washington DC? We can arrange all this and more. Geek Nation Tours helps tour participants plan extended holidays from taking the train from one side of America to the other to hopping on a local bus tour. We do it all! Let us help you get the very best from your trip to NYC.

Non-Geek Spouse Argument

Geek Nation Tours has also arranged for those that would like to escape the rarefied events of the New York Comic Con or those that lean more to the Non-Geek Spouse side of things….As long as we have a minimum participation we will offer several private tours though-out the week to take in even more of what New York has to offer.  Perhaps you are interested in doing a Half Apple three hour tour of downtown, or an Uptown Tour or maybe you want to do some shopping in Soho or stop at a historic Pub… Geek Nation Tours will be releasing these tour options for all these shortly but they will give everyone the opportunity to get something out of our New York tour.  So bring your non-geek wife, husband, girl friend or boyfriend and let us take care of them too.

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