Tour Status:
Tour Completed – this tour description is provided for historical/archival purposes, and to show you what you've missed!
Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Departure Date:
August 24, 2022 (Wednesday)
Return Date:
August 24, 2022 (Wednesday)
Tour Length:
1 Day
Tour Limit:
20 Participants
Tour Pricing: $349.00 USD

See full price details.

Special Notice:

Although we have room for 20 on this tour, the tour needs eight participants to be confirmed.

About the Tour

Can you believe it’s been 27 YEARS since Captain Kirk met his fate in Star Trek Generations on “Veridian III” — aka Nevada’s Valley of Fire? Mark his memorial with Geek Nation Tours on a journey to this amazing natural landscape of Star Trek history in 2022. This “Escape-the-Convention Adventure” is a great way to get off the Strip one day and still do it in a memorable Star Trek way, on the day before Star Trek Las Vegas open— so it seems only fitting we mark another anniversary with a return to the “scene of the crime.” To the very spot where James T. Kirk died… and a few other fun, unexpected Trek bonus stops, too.

Geek Nation Tours presents a one-day Trek Adventure to explore Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park, otherwise known as the final resting place of Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek: Generations. The desert buttes scenery is awesome enough on its own, but of course we will see where the movie’s climax was filmed and where Dr. Tolian Soran attempted to destroy Veridian III’s star in order to alter the direction of the Nexus ribbon. We will see where Captains Kirk and Picard thwarted his plans, alongside where the legendary JTK was killed and put to rest. A few years back we had a quest to find Picard’s hole (yes we did just say that) and we will continue the search in 2022. We will also make more than one main stop: we’ll also trek to the Enterprise Rock, and much more…

Dr. Trek - Larry Nemecek

Dr. Trek – Larry Nemecek

As one of the coolest spots in Nevada (well it will be hot AND cool) – Valley of Fire State Park was once the spiritual center of many Native Americans. We will see Indian petroglyphs and other priceless artifacts plus some of the strangest and most wonderful rock formations in the world.

And you won’t believe what movie prop is still intact there, to provide you the ultimate photo op stop!

Dr. Trek – Larry Nemecek

This tour includes transport to and from the Valley of Fire with local guide, lunch right in the valley, unlimited water and your special exclusive and uber knowledgeable Star Trek guide – Dr. Trek himself – Larry Nemecek!

Group at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada


Like the full #LA2Vegas tour offered again next year, our one-day adventure will be guest-led by Larry, the noted Chief Experience Officer of, host of “The Trek Files” podcast from Roddenberry, author of the classic bestseller “Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion” and now “Star Trek: Stellar Cartography”—often called upon for his broad knowledge and experience with the Star Trek universe and its business. He is currently researching Star Trek filming sites, and he will continue his trek with Geek Nation Tours today.

If you were already planning to be in Las Vegas at least a day before the convention formally starts, consider this—or consider making earlier plans to do so.




Tour Price

Tour Pricing:
$349.00 USD + $36.00 Taxes & Fees

Pick up will be at 7:00 am (please arrive at the front doors by 6:45 am) and we will retrun at about 2:00 pm.  Depending on how many we have for the tour we will head off in separate small groups in SUVs or via a coach to better circumnavigate the terrain.

NOTE: Attendance of special guests and celebrities is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts and professional obligations.

NOTE: COVID-19 has changed both our geek and our real worlds. Some things may never be the same and others may not be able to be offered on our tours or will have to be altered in a new post Covid world. With that said, please understand that GNT is moving forward as if the disease is already conquered, but all tours are now subject to change.

Covid Pricing note: As we move into the post-Covid era there may well be price adjustments as we move forward. It has been postulated that the tourism industry as a whole will see many price increases. While GNT strives to give the best price along with the best service and experience, we may be forced to increase tour pricing in the future.

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