When you're travelling trans-Atlantic for a long weekend of playing your favourite tabletop games, you don't spend more time than strictly necessary on logistical details or risk not being able to get into the events you want.

This is where and Geek Nation Tours comes in, facilitating transport between airport and hotel (and back!), early access to event sign-up and the option to get together with a group of like-minded travellers every night of the convention.

We've been over from Norway three times now, and there's no doubt who we'll be calling when we're ready to make the fourth trip. – JornN

Adepticon 2014, 2015 & 2017
Jorn Nordli, Norway

Another great tour with Teras. He made everything easy and hassle free. We enjoyed all the activities he planned. Can not wait to see what he has planned for 2018.

Adepticon 2017
Jose Cruzado, USA

I've been on a number of GNT trips, and have enjoyed every one of them.

Most of the trips have been for AdeptiCon in Chicago, 2012-2017. Every time, Teras has wrangled up some of the best hobby talent to join us for dinners/excursions/etc, in addition to getting tour participants early registration, awesome swag (my GNT bowling shirts are the envy of many a fellow geek at work ;P ), and generally just ensuring we had a blast.

I've also gone on the last Miniatures in the UK Tour, which included a distillery tour through Scotland. Fan-freaking-tastic. Lots of sampling, gorgeous castles/monuments, and at the end - Warhammer World and all the pretty-pretty shinies on display ^_^

Oh, and not to forget - every trip has resulted in me making more friends that I'm actually still in touch with, and a host of new memories.

Multiple Tours
Terence Quinn, USA

I've always avoided organized tours, preferring to travel on my own schedule. Geek Nation has changed my entire perspective. Not only was the entire trip superbly well planned, but every moment was an enjoyable escapade that my wife and I will look back on forever. The Cassidy family are wonderful hosts and tour leaders, the tour itself was fantastic, and we made friends on the trip that we hope to stay in touch with in perpetuity. We'll be joining Geek Nation on many more tours in the future, I can't recommend them highly enough.

50th anniversary Star Trek convention
Adam Brown, USA

The San Fran part of the 2016 Star Trek Tour was all new to me and very interesting. Lots of new sites and Larry filled in the trivia as we came to the sites. I had been on the very first LA tour and he changed it up a little, not the same old thing. It is well worth going on the tour and in a few more years I well be going again.

San Fran, LA and Vegas
Rodney Willis, USA

I have many good things to say about Geek Nation Tours and the Cassidy family, but perhaps the best accolade I can give is to say that I already felt that I had enjoyed a full and exciting trip well BEFORE our main event, (The 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas), had even appeared on the horizon.

Teras went to a great deal of trouble to ensure that the tour was as enjoyable as it possibly could be. The venues we visited, the guests we met and the expert knowledge of our guides Larry Nemecek & Teras were all excellent. On completion of the tour, I consider my time and money very well spent.

Thank you to GNT, Larry Nemecek and the whole Cassidy crew.

50th Anniversary Exploring Trek Sites: San Fran, L.A. & Vegas With Larry Nemecek
Steve Thomson-Fitch, Scotland

This was my first Gen Con, though it was my 4th GNT and attending a massive show like this can be a bit daunting. GNT really did a great job at making the convention more approachable through a great pre-show Skype session that helped me navigate the event registration process, and by having a steady stream of communication during the months leading up to the show.

The trip itself was everything I hoped it would be. I was able to see and do all sorts of amazing things, that was in no small part due to the great planning done by GNT, and the sterling execution by our tour leader, Alex. It was clear to all of us how hard he was working to take care of all the mundane logistical details so that all of us on the tour could put our minds at ease and just enjoy the con.

As a repeat customer, I can say with confidence that GNT has consistently excelled at providing exceptional service to traveling geeks like me. I'm already looking forward to my next trip with the company!

Gen Con 2016
Andy Rucker, USA

This was my first Gen Con and my first tour with Geek Nation Tours. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Everything was handled for us ahead of time (getting tickets, badges, etc) which made it a lot less stressful and allowed us to enjoy things even more. Teras was always available to make sure questions were answered and we had everything we needed. Alex (our guide) was amazing! He kept us in the loop and made the trip even more fun. Thank you, gentlemen!

Gen Con 2016
Cindy Harms, USA

This was my 8th gaming Con, my 2nd with GNT, and hands down the best of the lot. Once again Teras and his team knocked it out of the park. Awesome events, great guests, good food. There is no better way to experience Gen Con.

Gen Con 2016
Phil "The Pole Guy" McPeake, UK

Teras met us at the curb when we pulled up to the hotel and waved at us when we left. The entire time we were there was spent gaming, smiling and thoroughly havng a laid back great time. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other GNT guests and the GNT experience was great! Thanks T.

Adeption 2016
Mike "FrostBeard" Bird, USA

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