I really enjoyed this tour and experience. Very well organised, very nice people on the tour and a fantastic tour guide!
It is always inspiring to meet people from all around the world united by a common interest.
Last but not least, I had a lot of fun!

Waterloo Battlefield Tour
Mikael Brodin, Sweden

One of the most fun adventures I have had in recent years. It was educational, fun and I got to meet a great group of people who shared my interest in Waterloo. Daily tours were very informative and enjoyable. After tour dinners and drinks were also splendid. It was nice to spend time with like-minded people.

Battlefield of Waterloo
Peter Kite, Canada

You might be able to get a perfect organization, timing and comfort from other guided tours, but GNT has something truly unique: the 'geek' factor. People in this tour really made it from great to magical when you go alone and in ten minutes you find out they are like you, think like you and love this stuff like you've always done.

Thanks to Teras for the perfect organization, for creating an excellent atmosphere full of jokes and laughs, and specially, for bringing Barry as tour guide: his superb knowledge of the history, the battlefield and his sense of humour really gave it a quality edge from the rest of standar guided history tours.

Don't think twice for the next tour: the cost is worth the money.

Waterloo Battlefield Tour
Senén Martínez Puerta, Spain

I enjoyed this on so many levels. London, Games Day, Warhammer World, Bovington - all great days. This was as much (if not more), a dream trip. This was not about going to a gaming event. This was a holiday with other gamers. Huge difference. When this catches on (and it will catch on) people will recognize these trips as an opportunity to interact with other enthusiastic, dedicated, intelligent and thoughtful hobbyists. The venues are just scenery (terrain, if you will). The trip itself was the event, and I think that was what GNT was truly aiming for. It is normally difficult to say this but everyone on this trip was interesting. I will certainly be keeping in touch with many of these new friends.”

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Brian, Canada

Well, I can definitely say the trip was memorable, I left a girlfriend and came back a fiancé, so that was a plus. The trip itself was fantastically organized, we made new friends, reunited with old friends and never had a dull moment! The best part was not having to worry about hotels and flights, which are especially tricky to arrange around that week in San Diego, unless you like paying an arm, a leg and your first born. Good prices, good people, I'll be doing this again for sure!

Geeking Out at the San Diego Comic Con Tour
Andrea, Canada

I think it was a combination of the convention and the people on the tour itself. I thought it would be a one-time thing but I really would like to go again. For instance, I liked the "do your own thing" during the days of the con but it was a great idea to meet up with a good portion of the tour group at the end of each day. These "get together" really allowed us to get the most out of Comic-con as people would talk about panels they are thinking about going to or recommending panels that they thought would be good. You can really find out about cool things to check out.

Geeking Out at the San Diego Comic Con Tour
Greg, Canada

Any fan of pop culture worth their salt needs to get to San Diego Comic Con at least once in their life. I can think of no better trip than to Geek Mecca and I can think of no better tour than Geek Nation Tours!

Geeking Out at the San Diego Comic Con Tour
Byron, Canada

The miniatures in the UK Tour was definitely been a great tour. Very well organized on your part and everything ran smoothly. The highlight for me has to be our visit at Warhammer World; it was really amazing to see the museum and the huge amount of superb gaming tables - let alone being able to play on them. I also enjoyed the visit of Castle Corfe and Bovington Tank museum; both are well worth a visit for sure. And a final big thanks goes to people who went on the trip, those who joined us in the UK and to Teras: Absolute fantastic people all of them, they really brought the tour to live so that even the bus rides turned out to be fun as well.”

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Juergen, Germany

As a business owner I know the amount of work that goes into planning and putting together a trip like this. Teras and Geek Nations Tours have done an amazing job in seeing a vision turn into a reality. I commend Teras and his staff for working so hard to make all the participants feel at home so far across the world. A great idea perfectly executed by a professional in the business. Thank you.

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Romeo, USA

GNT places a lot of thought and care both into their tours and his guests. If there are any problems he will step up and handle any situation. I found that the guides ability to lead, person ability, and skills to make sure everyone got where they needed to was top notch. I see no reason as to why I would not go on another Geek Nation Tour

Miniatures in the UK Tour
Kiyel, USA

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