This was my first Gen Con and my first tour with Geek Nation Tours. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Everything was handled for us ahead of time (getting tickets, badges, etc) which made it a lot less stressful and allowed us to enjoy things even more. Teras was always available to make sure questions were answered and we had everything we needed. Alex (our guide) was amazing! He kept us in the loop and made the trip even more fun. Thank you, gentlemen!

Gen Con 2016
Cindy Harms, USA

This was my 8th gaming Con, my 2nd with GNT, and hands down the best of the lot. Once again Teras and his team knocked it out of the park. Awesome events, great guests, good food. There is no better way to experience Gen Con.

Gen Con 2016
Phil "The Pole Guy" McPeake, UK

Teras met us at the curb when we pulled up to the hotel and waved at us when we left. The entire time we were there was spent gaming, smiling and thoroughly havng a laid back great time. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other GNT guests and the GNT experience was great! Thanks T.

Adeption 2016
Mike "FrostBeard" Bird, USA

This was my 3rd Adepticon, but GNT made it my best Adepticon yet. The early registration and automatic VIG bags alone made it worth it. But the special guests we had each night and the fast friends I made were the best parts of the trip. I highly recommend anyone looking for the premiere Adepticon experience to do it with GNT.

Thank you, Teras!

Adepticon 2016
Ashley Eaton, USA

Once again, Teras put together a great tour. Everything from the swag bag to the dinners and classes/competition was great.

Adepticon 2016
Jose Cruzado, USA

Best convention experience ever! From the moment I touched down in Chicago, to the last game I played, I felt like I was royalty. The detail that was poured into the experience was astounding. Thank you Teras for a great convention.

Adepticon 2016 Tour
Forrest Oates, USA

GNT put on an outstanding tour for Adepticon 2016. This was my first trip to Adepticon, and from con registration, to travel, to special events, GNT made it a very low stress and enjoyable experience all around. I would recommend GNT to anyone looking to get the most out of their Adepticon experience.

Adepticon 2016
Stephan Hillman, USA

We were lucky enough to win our trip via a contest on free comic book day at our local comic book store. This was our first time in NYC and it was amazing! This was also our first time doing a trip/tour like this. Teras (and family) did an outstanding job organizing this tour. All of our fellow guests were amazing and so nice and it’s cool to have made new friends from around the world. The hotel was really nice and in the perfect location. Transportation was arranged with car transfers to and from the airport as well as getting subway passes for the week. It was great to walk around and explore the city with the tour and on your own to see all the wonderful sights that New York has to offer. We also survived New York Comic con, the biggest con in North America! It was so amazing to see all the cool stuff and the celebrities in person and on panels. We couldn't have asked for a better trip!

New York Comic Con Tour 2015
Daniel and Michelle Poitras, Canada

This was our first tour with a group and not our last! We pulled our third grade daughter out of school because once I saw the itinerary, I knew it would be an education in itself. There was something fun and interesting every day, never too much walking and everyone was always ready to play a game. Our guide was fantastic and it was nice to make new friends with a shared passion. Thank you Geek Nation Tours for a memorable experience!

Essen Spiel Germany Tour
Susan, Greg and Aurora Silberman, USA

This trip almost never got started for my wife and I. Trepidation was a serious obstacle for us. New situations, unfamiliar places, and being with people we do not know is not easy for us. I shared this with Teras and he convincingly assured me that he had us taken care of, we had nothing to worry about—and he was right. Traveling Germany and “spielen” Essen 2015 GNT-style was a magical trip.

Every day was an adventure and every day was a joy. Zak was a great guide--many times we forgot he was not just part of the group. The thoughtful way that the trip was arranged plus the total awesomeness of our new found friends, and the overall awesomeness of the German country and people made this one of our all-time favorite trips. We had an unforgettable experience.

Essen Spiel Germany Tour
Jeff & Ginny Eiseman, USA

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